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Frederic Remington Reproductions


The copyrights to Remington's works extended 75 beyond their creation and have long since expired.  After the copyrights expired, artists began creating reproductions of his original works as well as those inspired by Remington's illustrations and created after his death by other artists.  There have been many limited edition reproductions and today several bronze foundries are creating more affordable open edition reproductions.

When shopping for Remington sculptures there are a few points to keep in mind.  First, don't always believe what you hear or read.  There are only between 25 and 50 original sculptures from the original molds.  They are museum masterpieces and worth millions of dollars.  There are art historians who make it their life's work to know where each of the original pieces are.  When one is sold it is a major event and usually handled as a private transaction or sold at auction by Christy's or Sotheby's in New York.  Each piece is sold with a pedigree a mile long tracing it all the way back to Remington himself.  So, if you think you have an original Remington or someone offers to sell you one, think long and hard about what I am telling you.

I have read descriptions written by other online bronze dealers who try to make it seem like there sculptures are some how "closer to" an original.  I saw one online dealer who claims "Our statues are all reproductions of the original cast. This means that all the details of the original statue is transferred to the reproduced one. Our statues are not copies of copies. You will not find this type of reproduction anywhere else."  

There is not one shred of truth in that statement.  Whoever wrote that (I'm not going to mention names) obviously has no idea how reproductions are made and is being completely dishonest when they say the same statues are not available anywhere else.  Heck I can name ten dealers online right now that are selling the exact same bronze statues.  I know for a fact that the person who wrote that knows this very well, but yet they find it acceptable to try to mislead their customers.  I find it completely unethical and disgraceful. 

An original Remington bronze statue is worth millions of dollars.  There isn't a museum or private collector in his/her right mind that would even let you get close to an original with the materials necessary to take an impression.  However, for a fee, they will let artists sit down with the original in front of them to recreate the sculpture in every detail.  That sculpture then becomes a reproduction original or foundry original and is used to make the molds for the cast reproduction.  Remington never made 6 different sizes of his sculptures!  That was done by artists working for foundries that wanted to cast larger and smaller versions of the original.  There is nothing wrong with that because not everyone can afford or even fit an original size statue in their home or office.  Or maybe they want a super-size version for a larger space or outdoors.  Again. there is nothing wrong with that, but these dealers could at least be truthful about it. 

Now, there are some low quality sculptures on the market that are primarily being imported from Thailand.  I don't know how they make their reproductions, but from what I have seen it looks like they must be making them from photographs because they hardly resemble the originals at all.  In addition, they are made from poor quality materials.  My advice is if you have any doubts don't buy it. 

Finally, there is a term thrown around that deserves some discussion and that is "Museum Quality."  We have used this term before because our competitors do, but it is really a subjective description.  If I had to define it I would say "A quality level that would be suitable for a museum."  However, a true "museum" would never display a reproduction of a sculpture.  The Smithsonian has some reproductions of priceless historical artifacts, but that is about all I am aware of.  We use it to differentiate our sculptures from inferior imported sculptures and statues and like I said because it has become so common among our competitors.  When we use the term "museum quality" we mean a sculpture that is true to the original sculpture and cast using high grade bronze.  We mean a quality level you will be proud to own, display and pass down to your family.

So, if you enjoy the work of Frederic Remington we invite you to purchase top quality reproduction from us.  Our prices are fair and we stand behind every sale we make.

Below is a complete list of Remington's original statues that we have available.  To view our entire Remington Collection Gallery, click here.


Frederic Remington
Bronze Sculptures
Bronco Buster
Mountain Man
Trooper of the Plains
Coming Through the Rye
Buffalo Horse
Wooly Chaps
Wicked Pony
Buffalo Signal
Old Dragoons
Wounded Bunkie
Horse Thief
Paleolithic Man
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