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bronze Children statues and children sculptures.  Great for garden statues and garden sculptures


buy bronze statues and bronze sculptures from The Large Art CompanyWe work with businesses, schools, churches, libraries, parks, institutions, government agencies and people just like you every day.  We have been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles around the country.  We have a real (not cyber) art gallery and a sculpture studio in Baltimore Maryland and you can come by and meet us if you like.  We are listed with Dunn & Bradstreet and a certified government contractor.  You will also find us in Google business listings 

Our customers range from every-day working folks to the rich and famous, including some that are household names.  We have done private commission sculptures from a life-size portrait sculpture of Congressman Charles Bennett in Florida to a museum centerpiece in Clinton Tennessee to fantastic fountains in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. 

Our track record and reputation speaks for itself and we are happy to provide references any time.  However, we have always resisted putting references on our web site because it seems so self-serving and anyone can put a hypothetical or fictitious quote on a web site.  However, we received this nice letter from one of the schools we worked with and it was so sweet my wife insisted that I put it on the web site, so here it is. 

The good news is we get calls and emails like this every day.

Tiger statue bronze mascot sculpture


This one falls into a class by itself.  This is an actual copy of a proclamation issued by the City Council  of Clinton, Tennessee recognizing our efforts to to complete a world class sculpture for a new museum commemorating the 50th anniversary of desegregation.  The sculptures were unveiled by Governor Phil Bredesen and Mayor Winifred Shoopman on May 17, 2007.



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