Bronze statues and bronze sculptures


bronze Children statues and children sculptures.  Great for garden statues and garden sculptures

3D Art
  3 dimensional paintings a hybrid of painting and sculpture

The Large Art Company is honored to represent the work of Fred Beebe - a talented artist whose work is beyond unique and yes, LARGE.

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Fred is a retired graphic artist and  illustrator.  Now he is applying his talents working on this unique art form that incorporates elements of both painting and sculpture.  It simply comes alive in this 3 dimensional art form.

Each work is one-of a-kind and requires months of time and painstaking effort to complete.  These tend to be large piece and would be best suited to large homes or commercial spaces.  Couldn't you just see that piece to the right in a seafood restaurant?

If you like what you see I suggest you buy now before we raise prices significantly as we are confident his work will appreciate in value. 

Feel free to contact us for additional information on our 3d art collection.

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