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  Life size soldier statue bronze  sculpture


  Bronze Children Statues and Statues click here


Children Statues


School Mascots

    School mascot statues. Eagle, Ram, Lion, Tiger, Wildcat, Bear, Cougar, Indian, Pather Statues
  Frederic Remington Bronze Statues and Sculptures on sale. Bronco Buster, Moutain Man, Rattlesnake, Cheyenne, Coming Through the Rye, Wicked Pony, Stampede, Wounded Bunkie.


    Bronze plaques and signs for memorials and veterans

Bronze Plaques


Custom Sculpture

    Custom made sculpture and portrait sculptures by some of the most talented  bronze sculptors in the United States.
  Wildlife Sculptures Statues eagles, lions, tigers, cougar, panther and more

Wildlife Sculpture




The Large Art Company is the world leader in bronze sculptures and bronze statues from quality bronze sculpture reproductions to one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  If you don't see it on our site we can get it or make it for you.  Our customers include all types of individuals, but we also serve veteran organizations building military memorials and monuments, towns and community organizations involved in beautification or revitalization projects, school mascot statues and children statuary.

Our mission is to decorate the world one bronze sculpture at a time.  We welcome you to visit us at our offices in Baltimore, but if you are unable to do that, feel free to take a virtual tour and shop online. Be sure to add us to your favorites because we know you'll be back.

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We want your shopping experience to be as pleasant as possible.  Therefore we are offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time anywhere in the lower 48 United States on any of our bronze statues or bronze sculptures So relax, look around, and if you see something you like feel confident that the price you see is your final price. There are no additional shipping, handling, or insurance fees, and unless you are located in Maryland, California, or Florida sales taxes do not apply.

Bronze sculpture and statue collections

We specialize in bronze sculptures and bronze statues in many shapes, sizes, and style.  The following is a brief description. (work in progress)

Veteran Memorial Sculptures and Statues

Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Children Statues and Sculptures

Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Frederic Remington Sculptures and Statues

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Western and Cowboy Sculptures

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Garden Sculptures and Statues

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Wildlife Sculptures and Statues

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Horse Sculptures and Statues

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

School Mascot Statues

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Animal Statues

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Classical Statues

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Auguste Rodin

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Art Deco and Art Nouveau

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Bronze Plaques, Memorials, Signs

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)

Fallen Soldier Battle Cross Memorial

 Description (work in progress-coming soon)



Our standards for quality are the highest in the industry.  We carry many life-size bronze child statues and child sculptures engaged in a variety of activities.  The collection includes groups of children as well as individual boy statues and girl statues.  We also carry a full line of Frederic Remington bronze statues.  The collection includes all of Remington's renowned bronze sculptures including Bronco Buster, Cheyenne, Mountain Man, Rattlesnake and many more.  We are also proud to carry many sculptures by Auguste Rodin including The Thinker, The Kiss and Mask of Sorrow.  We also carry a wide variety of garden statues, garden sculptures and garden statuary for public areas or your own yard.  All of our outdoor statues and sculptures can be equipped with mounting nuts for permanent installation.  And don't miss our wildlife sculptures and animal statues.

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